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Remembering Dr. David F. Capetz, Part II

January 31, 2022

In this video, Dr. Capetz shares his concept of the Christian life based on three essential components of life. This is a topic he conceived and developed over the course of his ministry. It was woven into all of his teaching materials, and was shared personally with me to aid in my missionary ministry. He had a heavy burden to approach the Christian life in a thoughtful and intentional way. In this talk , he gives a brief overview of his concepts and provides many helpful insights for living the Christian life and speaking with non-believers.

This video was originally intended to be part of a larger video project that has not come to fruition. I am releasing it now to honor Dr. Capetz’ memory and to promote his valuable insights.


Jerry Brantham says:

Great post of a good friend! I knew him well and he lived what he taught! Thanks Steve!

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