Steve Schramm

Steve Schramm is an evangelist out of the Northwood Baptist Church in Yadkinville, NC, and the editor of Steve helps Christians defend their faith using weekly blog posts, a weekly podcast on young age creationism, short videos in answer to tough questions, and regular preaching and teaching at churches and venues across the country. Currently, he is developing The Creation Academy, an online apologetics ministry designed to teach, train, and inspire others to become strong defenders of the Christian faith and Biblical Creation.

The #1 Way to Mishandle the Word of God

Perhaps one of the saddest trends in the church writ large is the misuse of Scripture to justify means apart from the intended truth of the text. Prosperity preachers often misuse the Scriptures to gain the financial support of their followers. “Emergent” preachers misconstrue the teachings of Jesus by boiling the gospel down to a […]

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