Steve McKinley

Steve McKinley and his family are serving as church-planting missionaries in Ireland. They have six children. Steve is the administrator of IBNet and currently the sole editor and administrator of the IBNet blog. In his spare time he dabbles in web development (IBNet), videography, and working toward an M. Div. at Maranatha Baptist Seminary.

Glimpses of Hell

Many people today doubt if hell is a real place. And if hell is real, they reason, there is no angst about going there. Apart from spiritual blindness which causes the unbeliever to regard the gospel as foolishness, there are at least two reasons for dismissing the reality of hell. First, the nature of hell […]

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Say What? A Terrible “Bible” Argument

I recently came across an argument by a professing Christian who was attempting to refute a fundamentalist (i.e. someone who believes the Bible) with what amounts to a full frontal assault on sola scriptura.  It is a weak assault, but an assault nonetheless.  It goes like this: “Christ Himself is the Word of God, not […]

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Announcing the New IBNet Blog

Welcome to the new IBNet blog.  The purpose of this blog is to present positive, compelling, biblically-based, Christ-centered reasons for our faith and practice. We hope to further a Baptist worldview among independent Baptists and around the world. A Baptist worldview is one that recognizes the Bible as our final source of authority for all […]

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